Welcome to Rims Online. We are an independently owned dealer.

We specialize in Manufacturer original, new and refurbished wheels and provide products to a wide range of customers countrywide in South Africa, including but not limited to private individuals, automotive repair centers, franchise and independently owned used car dealerships & retail tire outlets among others.

Our Wheels are 100% Guaranteed!

  • Original Parts
  • Working Condition
  • Timely Delivery
  • Money-back Guarantee

Rim Working Condition

All wheels are guaranteed to be straight & ready for tire and vehicle fitment as per description of the item. We will not ship wheels that are in non working condition ie: buckled, cracked, dented or any condition, other that 100% working condition. It’s the responsibility of the buyer to ensure any wheels ordered are suitable for the vehicle intended

If you feel your merchandise did not meet this standard, contact us to discuss your problem and together we can find a solution.

All our wheels are quality checked when stock listed and re-checked when shipping to the client.

Certain wheel sets might have minor imperfections as we endeavor to ship wheels that are in totally original condition void of refurbishment with factory original paint.

Certain wheels are only Paint refinished or touched up to restore the wheels to original factory standards or like new condition due to previous minor scuff marks, scratches, clear coat peel or weathering of paint

Certain sets are Fully refurbished and repaired due to wear & tear possibly from paint peeling, scratches, curb rash buckles, dents and or cracks

How it all started 

As motor vehicle enthusiasts we found that changing the wheels with an OEM option affords you the opportunity to change the entire look of the vehicle at an affordable price point whilst maintaining the originality, integrity & reliability of your vehicle.

Its simpler & much more cost effective to change or upgrade the mag wheels without having to purchase a new vehicle.

Whilst searching for viable options on various websites, we found it extremely difficult to obtain quality OEM wheels conveniently thus the need for a reputable online dealer was born.

Some of the limiting factors encountered were the following. 

Others: Insufficient mag wheel info, size offset etc.

Rims Online: Complete wheel info. Certain sets include part numbers or as required.

Others: Items in poor overall condition needing repair and not fit for immediate usage.
Items offered might have been previously refurbished by doubtful repair shops.

Rims Online: Inventory factory originals are ready for immediate usage &/or refurbished at professional engineers.

Others: Certain adverts contained no pictures or displayed generic images that were not the actual wheel but same design. Nearly all items on offer required physical inspection of the items (precious time wasted).

Rims Online: We quality check the wheels & tires prior to advertising.
We display the actual product without the need for further physical
inspection saving your precious time. Shop from your mobile/Pc at your convenience.

Others: None of the sellers guaranteed their items for sale
Incorrect Pricing among certain sellers which often changed
when physically traveling to complete purchase.

Rims Online: Prices displayed are set in line with condition and true market value.
Our inventory comes with Limited Money Back Guarantee

Others: Certain items on offer located in another town/province which made purchase inconvenient or not viable.
Zero trust between buyer & seller when distant purchasing.
No recourse when making payment to total strangers.
No security to ensure the wheels would be shipped

Rims Online: Reputable registered dealers, we offer tracked delivery on all inventory & provide transaction services via secured bank transfers.