OEM is an acronym used in the automotive industry that stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM refers to any part, including wheels that can come equipped on a vehicle as it is delivered from the factory.

OEM Rims are the wheels that are designed by the branded Manufacturer example: Mercedes Bmw Audi for a specific model or series.

Wheels that are not OEM are referred to as non-original, aftermarket, replica, copy or any other term that refers to the fact that the wheels did not originally come on the vehicle.

Replica Wheels versus Genuine OEM Wheels. The difference between replica alloys and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are that replica or aftermarket rims are made by an independent manufacturer. Whereas OEM wheels are made by the car manufacturer and are the exact specification to the vehicle.

Manufacturers have much higher standards for their OEM equipment than aftermarket wheel makers, which are many times of lesser quality and engineering.

OEM alloy wheels are usually far stronger and  have a better quality build

Virtually every vehicle manufactured today has computer and electronic systems that are designed to adjust handling and suspension, based upon events that occur with the wheels that come standard on the vehicle. When non-OEM wheels are added to a vehicle, the computer system cannot interpret the data correctly, due to variations in weight,  size, offset and other variables, meaning that the braking action and stability of the vehicle could be impaired. Certain aftermarket wheels are also shown to increase wear and tear on suspension. All of these factors, from the integrity of the metal to the interface of the tire system with the vehicle’s electronic stability system, can greatly increase the risk of impaired driving resulting in malfunction or possible accidental damage.

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Yes. We provide tire fitment, balancing & alignment if required.

Where applicable we provide wheel sets that include the TPMS

Alternatively we recommend using your existing TPMS on your new wheels.

If you utilize existing TPMS they should initialize automatically when the wheels are changed as the current TPMS is already paired to the vehicle

Many vehicles require the TPMS sensors to be activated or initialized at an authorized repair facility or dealership. This process involves connecting the vehicle to a service computer (via the OBD port under your dashboard) and having the new sensor’s ID codes loaded into the car’s computer. Most cars will need to have this activation service performed each time wheels and tires are changed. However, not all vehicles require this, some vehicles will automatically load in the new sensors codes.

Factory Original

Wheels that are in totally original condition void of refurbishment with factory original paint.


Paint refinished

Wheels restored to original factory standards with minor touch up or fully powder coated to like-new condition due to previous minor scuff marks, scratches, clear coat peel or weathering of paint


Fully refurbished

Wheels that were repaired to original factory standards due to previous wear & tear possibly from major curb rash, cracks, buckles or dents.

The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the centre of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes. The PCD changes between different manufacturers, common sizes are previous shape BMW 5/120 , Mercedes 5/112  ,Volkswagen 4/100 etc.


The offset of a wheel is the distance from the hub mounting surface to the center line of the wheel. The wheel offset is measured in millimeters and results in a positive, negative, or zero offset

Yes ,whether you intend upgrading to larger size or require smaller size All trade in wheels considered. We will only accept OEM or Original Aftermarket trade ins. We do Not trade in replica/fake wheels. Your original wheels should be in good working condition / or have minor cosmetic defects (which are repairable).  We will only give you a confirmed trade in value once the wheels have been inspected.